About us

El Shuko is our latest addition to the Sincity Dragons family. Specializing in Latin American Cuisine this truck will for sure bring you a piece of Central and South America right to your steps! But, what is a Shuko? A "Shuko" is a Fusion of the American Hotdog with a twist of Guatemalan flavors like guacamole, boiled cabbage and our signature Chimichurri Sauce. Using only the freshest ingredients, baking our own bread daily and with our culinary creativity, we will for sure indulge your palates

We are the first and only truck of its kind in the US and for that El Shuko has been Featured on major newspapers and TV Channels like Siglo XXI, Nuestro Diario, Guatevision, Publinews, etc. not only in Guatemala but in all Central America, recently covering an interview with Central American News channel Sercano.

Get familiar with your meat and toppings choices!

Spanish Chorizo (Mild pork Sausage)
Guatemalan Longaniza ( Spicy Pork Sausage )
Carne Asada or All Beef Frank
Chirmol (Roasted tomatoe salsa)
Chimichurri ( Argentinian Pesto sauce)


SinCity Dragons.

An innovative mobile food truck company focusing on serving only the best and high quality ingredients. With over 25 Years of experience, we strive to indulge your palate with our high end Fusions and hand crafted menu items! Whether you are having a get together at home, treating your employees to a corporate event, planning a birthday or even a wedding! We got you covered !!